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Event Planning

When you are planning an event, you want it to go smoothly and without any hassle. This means hiring on a full-service event planner that can work with you from your concept and planning stages, right up until the second your guests arrive. Here at Big Top Rentals, we are not just a tent rental company offering fantastic rental and tenting products, we're a full-service event partner.

Our event capabilities include the following:
    • Project Management
    • Permitting
    • On-site Consultation
    • Health Code Compliant Facilities
    • Custom Flooring
    • Event Party CAD Drawings
    • Event Logistics
    • Custom Signage
    • Pickup and Delivery
    • Professional Installation

During the Event
    • Power / Generators
    • AV & Sound Entertainment
    • Staffing
There's so much more that we can offer you, so give us a call and we'll put together the perfect package for you.

Your special day is one like no other, and you want to make sure it's memorable. No single event in your life will ever require as much planning or hold as much importance as your wedding! We love working with couples and wedding planners to ensure they receive more than just flatware, linen, and chairs. The finer details have the ability to create a ceremony and reception that is totally unforgettable, but only when it's pulled off in just the right way. We have the experience and knowledge of all aspects of planning a wedding event, from the layout and logistics to the actual delivery of the event, so you can be sure that your experience will be much more than just a bunch of flatware and other products.

Corporate Events and Fundraisers
Have you ever planned a corporate event that you actually wanted to attend? Maybe not, but we have done that hundreds of times! Whether it's a lunch party, a casual gathering, a corporate retreat, or a fundraising gala, we can make your office space just perfect for the party. Or, we can design something completely new to treat your employees, coworkers, and clients the way they deserve to be treated!

Your Full-Service Event Planning Professionals
With just one phone call to Big Top Rentals, event planning suddenly becomes hassle-free. We understand the time-sensitive demands and stress of planning an event, and we are excited to share our 20-plus years of experience and advice with you.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

    • Identifying your event planning requirements
    • Concept creation, development and execution
    • Site location suggestions and layout
    • On site consulting
    • Structural engineering plans
    • Power supply implementation
    • Party CAD drawings
    • Extensive experience obtaining city and fire permits
    • Long term storage implementations
    • A strong relationship with a multitude of event based vendors
    • A flair for up-to-date industry trends
With our knowledgeable staff, outstanding customer service, 24/7 installation and services and our after-hours emergency number connecting you to Big Top Rentals personnel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we can ensure that your event will be successful and hassle free.